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    Pre-LA Fashion Week Showcase

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    Everything Hauler

    "Presenting Cheryl's latest edgy collection"

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    Lucky Magazine

    "Best possible way to kick off LAFW!"

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    "Pre-L.A. Fashion Week Showcase"

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    Currently Crushing

    "Back to Black"

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    "Saturday night at supperclub Los Angeles"

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    LA Splash

    "Third collection to hit the runway"

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CM2K "Just Do It"

CM2K inspired by Nike's "Just Do It"
The beginnings of the CM2K brand...

CM2K bts at Concept LA Fashion Week in October 2014

Cheryl Koo's sneak peak of what's in store for the ladies in these next coming season.

SupperClub LA Fashion Week March 2014

Designer Cheryl Koo shows her CM2K collection

SupperClub Behind-The-Scenes

Click here for photo gallery. Photography by Steve Bitanga

SupperClub - Anerrick TV Exclusive

Click here for photo gallery. Photography by Edward De La Torre

CM2K RAWards
SupperClub Gallery

RAWards January 2014

CM2K RAWards
RAWards January 2014

See the CM2K collection @ RAWards "Director's Highlight, Featured Artist" gallery.